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Gebäude Wiener Städtische
Brockmanngasse 32 , 8010 - Graz

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solves many problems today.
But not everyone knows how to use AI for themselves
What is possible today? How can I use AI for myself? What are other companies doing?

AI Styria presents, in collaboration with Silicon Alps and other partners, in a compact matchmaking format challenges and solutions  and links Styrian companies with the AI ​​scene.


  • Local companies explain their difficulties.
  • AI companies speak about their solutions.
  • Both happens on the same stage.

Presenter: Oliver Zeisberger

CALL for AI-SLAMMER: Apply now!

You want to be on stage as a slammer or just listen and get new inputs regarding AI?

One of the statements below applies to a project of your company? More information regarding your application via event website:

  • I am software-developer and work on conkrete AI-applications.
  • I work in a project that uses AI to solve a specific problem.
  • I suspect that a specific problem in my working environment could be solved with AI.
  • I’m looking for AI professionals who can solve a specific task for my organization.
  • I am interested in the current state of the Styrian AI scene and would like to make personal contacts.

The target group are AI providers and (future) users, who provide insights into their projects, activities and challenges.

Registration & application & more detailed information:



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