CBI – 20th IEEE International Conference on Business Informatics

CBI - 20th IEEE International Conference on Business Informatics (c) Business Informatics Group, TU Wien
CBI - 20th IEEE International Conference on Business Informatics (c) Business Informatics Group, TU Wien

11/07/2018 - 13/07/2018
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TU Wien
Electronics Institute, TU Wien Gußhausstraße 27-29, 1040 TU Wien, 1040 - 1040, wien

The 20th anniversary edition of CBI will take place in Vienna, Austria from July 11-13, 2018.

Meet in Vienna, enjoy an open, friendly and stimulating atmosphere of discussion and knowledge sharing, discuss your research with peers, and take momentum back home for future work.

The IEEE Conference Series on Business Informatics is the leading international forum for state-of-the-art research in Business Informatics. IEEE CBI 2018 in beautiful summery Vienna calls for submissions in the multidisciplinary field of Business Informatics, and welcomes a multitude of theoretical and practical lenses, perspectives and mindsets on today’s challenges of the digital transformation.

IEEE CBI 2018 encourages a broad understanding of Business Informatics research and intends to further its many different facets, theoretical foundation and experiential body of knowledge. The CBI series has proven a fertile ground for research with high impact, and a hub for multidisciplinary research with contributions from Management Science, Organization Science, Economics, Information Systems, Computer Science, and Informatics. Based on integrative socio-technical and socio-economical views, Business Informatics advances our knowledge and design for future challenges of the digital transformation.

The CBI series aims at creating a forum for researchers and practitioners from various fields and backgrounds that contribute to the construction, use and maintenance of information systems and their organizational use contexts. A dedicated goal of the CBI series of conferences is to bring together researchers from different fields and disciplines to stimulate discussion, synergy and collaboration. Accordingly, the CBI conferences use a format that enables in depth discussions among researchers during the conference. The benefits of such a cross-disciplinary conception are contrasted by a challenge: Authors who submit a paper take the risk to be assessed by standards that are different from those they are used to in their own research communities. The CBI’s organization accounts for this challenge by the various tracks covering different fields, their track chairs and program committee members and program chairs. Tracks are not only intended to represent a certain subject area, but also to include papers from different communities.

Veranstalter: Business Informatics Group, TU Wien
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