Innovation Explorer – Beyond Ultimate Frontiers of Technology & Humans

8:30 - 19:00
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Sofia Event Center
1407 Hladilnika, - Sofia

The new edition of the forum raises the question of the limits of the capabilities of technology and people. Where, these boundaries will take us out? How far will we get? Is there a last barrier that we will not go through? Do the technologies develop outside our control and whether they are good or bad?

That’s why this year we have only two, complementary, but also controversial, panels: Technology and People. Technology panel will meet you with incredible inventors that create magical products and services beyond human frontiers and the black mirror.

Humans panel will meet you with remarkable innovators in the sphere of medicine, sports, arts, economics and politics that leave behind a significant inception trace. Both will guide you to your unimaginable journey beyond ultimate frontiers.

We’ve invited 20 of the world’s most innovative and influential speakers in each innovation category: Creativity, Open Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Social Innovation, New product development.

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