Microsoft Excel Advanced – english

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ETC Trainingcenter
Modecenterstrasse 22, 1030 - Wien

You must have sound Excel skills and understand key concepts of spreadsheets, or equivalent to our Intermediate course level.
Information Worker
ILT-Instructor Led TrainingAfter the course, you will be able to: Use Lookup & Informational Functions Create Pivot Tables Use What-If Tools Sharing and Tracking Workbooks Record Basic Macros
This course is aimed at experienced Excel users who need to perform more complex functions, lists analysis, use What-If tools and who would like to start recording basic macros

  1. Further Formulas and Functions
    1. Nested functions
    2. Working with a lookup function
    3. Protecting cells
    4. Unprotecting documents
    5. Custom number formats
    6. Conditional formatting
  2. Working with Data Lists
    1. General information for creating a list
    2. Complex sorting using a dialog box
  3. Working with Data Validation
    1. Setting data validation criteria
    2. Checking data validation
    3. Applying data validation to other cells
  4. Goal Seek
  5. Consolidate
  6. Scenario Manager
    1. Working with estimates
    2. Opening the Scenario Manager
    3. Creating a scenario report
    4. Deleting a scenario
  7. Solver
  8. PivotTable
    1. What is a PivotTable?
    2. Creating a data list
    3. PivotTable Tools
    4. Creating the PivotTable report
    5. Advanced PivotTable features
    6. Changing the PivotTable
    7. Rearranging rows and columns
    8. Hiding contents
    9. Displaying extreme values
  9. Outlining Excel Data
    1. Sample spreadsheet
    2. Showing and hiding cell ranges
    3. Removing the outline
    4. Customizing levels and ranges
  10. Subtotals
  11. Charts
    1. Break­even analysis
    2. Sparklines
  12. Macros ­ Task Automation
    1. Recording a macro
    2. Running a macro
    3. Opening a workbook with macros
  13. Creating a Custom Function
    1. Procedures
    2. Custom function features
    3. Using the custom function
  14. Data Import and Export
    1. Using the clipboard to exchange data
    2. OLE and DDE
    3. Object Linking and Embedding ­ OLE
    4. Dynamic Data Exchange ­ DDE
    5. Importing graphics
    6. Editing imported graphics
    7. Picture Tools
    8. Preparing a document for sharing
  15. Templates
    1. The benefits of a template
    2. Creating a template
    3. Saving the template
    4. Using the template for a new workbook
  16. Forms
    1. Validation and cell protection
    2. Controls
    3. Other controls (calendar)
    4. Format
    5. Print
  17. Performing Settings in Excel
    1. Options
    2. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar


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