Enterprise 20/20

A collaborative effort to imagine the future of IT [...]

Enterprise 20/20 (c) HP
Enterprise 20/20

Think about all the change that has occurred in the past 10 years — from the societal to the individual, from the economic to the technological. These changes have not just affected the enterprise, they’ve redefined it. And of course, the rate of change is only accelerating.
Enterprise 20/20 is a collaborative effort to imagine, discuss and debate the future of the enterprise.This six-month experiment—presented by HP and driven by the enterprise visionaries, industry leaders and technology experts who make up our community of customers—will result in a full-length, cloud-enabled
book about what it will take for enterprises to succeed in 2020 and beyond.


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Autonome Autos sollen unartiger werden

Forscher der Delft University of Technology haben ein neues Modell entwickelt, um selbstfahrenden Autos menschlicheres Fahrverhalten beizubringen. Diese sollen künftig nicht mehr nur stur und roboterhaft auf einer geraden Linie den optimalen Weg fahren, den ihre Computersysteme berechnet haben, sondern auch einmal von der Ideallinie abweichen. […]

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