How IT Can Supercharge Collaboration

Interaction and cooperation is a basic human need that is essential to decision-making. Tasks that we often think of as being performed by an individual— writing a document, researching a potential customer, or even booking a conference room—usually require coordination with others. More complex tasks, such as determining a proposal strategy or selecting the site for a new store, involve a great deal of cooperation and collaboration. [...]

How IT Can Supercharge Collaboration (c) CITO Research
How IT Can Supercharge Collaboration

Since decisions are made collaboratively, it’s high time that software reflects and supports that real- ity. Collaborating about data is a dynamic process. Software that displays only static reports will not satisfy the collaboration needs of such a dynamic and iterative activity. For example, business users who are looking for answers about a sales process need to know which regions drove the high sales fig- ures and what’s really behind the numbers, and they will ask new questions that can’t be anticipated in a static presentation of data. In other words, decision- making is best supported by Collaborative Business Discovery.

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